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Maruti Suzuki Share Jumps 5% After Brokerage Houses Buy Call

Maruti Suzuki Share Price: In the stock market, which has seen a huge increase in recent months, many stocks were sprayed through these ups and downs. However, in this massive downturn on the markets, the share price of the largest auto firm Maruti Suzuki has stood like an unmoving rock. In this week’s market, the market is on fire and Maruti’s stock is experiencing a significant rise. The trading session on Thursday Maruti Suzuki’s stock Maruti Suzuki is trading with the highest level of Rs 392. Maruti has traded 5% higher at Rs 8,170.

Why did Maruti’s stock go up?

Despite the increase in the cost of commodities, and the increase on interest rates the purchase is evident in the Maruti Suzuki stock this week. In actual fact there’s seen an increase in the availability of semiconductor chips. As a result, there is a huge demand in Maruti’s cars is huge. In addition, Maruti is bringing its SUV Brezza with a brand new look. It will enable Maruti to expand its share in the SUV market. The company also plans to introduce four new SUVs in the next days.

Brokerage houses offer buying assistance

ICICI Securities has advised investors to invest in Maruti Suzuki stock with a goal of the price of Rs 9,487. Motilal Oswal is also optimistic about the share price. This brokerage has set the target of Rs 10,000 for the shares. Therefore, UBS has also set an amount of Rs 10,000, and Credit Suisse has given a goal of increasing it to the amount of Rs 10,103.

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