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Congratulations to the oppressed sections ..! Badugu is a word for the weaker sections ..! As a force to question injustice .. exploitation ..! With the aim of establishing a Samasamaja ..! With revolutionary feelings .. with boiling blood ..! Naxalism is the philosophy of believing in a bullet rather than a ballot. All the heroes who lost their lives in the struggle for this ism .. All the revolutionary cars that disappeared .. Remembering them .. Reminding them .. Explaining the meaning of revolutionary sentiments .. The red flag of cinema ..! Closer to such films .. Virata Parvam (Virata Parvam) was released on June 17 showing the love that flourished in the revolution. However, a controversy has recently erupted over the film. A case has been registered against Virat Parvam movie at the Hyderabad police station.

VHP leader Ajay questioned how the censor board had given clearance to the film, which was set against the backdrop of naxalism. This is not the only question .. He complained in the Sultan Bazaar, Hyderabad. Naxalism is not on the censor. Demanded the immediate blocking of the eCinema. VHP leaders had earlier registered a case against Sai Pallavi, who had spoken out against the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits and cowherds. And it remains to be seen whether this controversy will go any further.

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