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MS Dhoni brings ducks to his house, Ziva can’t stop playing with them – Hindi Digital

Former Indian captain MS Dhoni‘s love for animals is well known. He has already got many a pets at his Ranchi farmhouse, from ponies to dogs to parrots to goats. He has added one more variety to his family in form of ducks. The Chennai Super Kings captain’s daughter Ziva Dhoni shared a video of her playing with the ducklings. She shared the video on her Instagram account on June 17 (Friday). 

Watch the video here:

A couple of days ago, Dhoni’s wife Sakshi had shared the video of goats at the farmhouse. She shared the video on her Reel, and in the Reel, one of the goats comes very close to the camera and poses for a while as if it knows that it is very close to being viral on the internet. 

Not to forget, there is a pony also in the Dhoni household apart from several dogs. We have seen videos of MS running with his pony. He has also gifted a pony to his daughter Ziva on her last birthday. His fans are wishing to see more of MS in Sakshi’s video but sadly he is not a part of the new video she has posted on her Instagram. 

MSD is among the greatest cricketers of all time but unlike other GOATS, he is not very active on social media. The fans are dependent on the the social media accounts of his daughter and wife for updates on him when the former captain is not playing or in the news. It should be noted that Dhoni has not ended his stint in IPL and he would be once again wearing the yellow of the Super Kings next year.    

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