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Telangana: ‘A gang of thugs from North India is committing looting in South India. Infiltrate the houses, rob Andinakadi, kill those who interfere and kill them in the most ruthless manner and flee. Police are conducting a decoy operation to nab them. Go to the place where the gang of thieves is and become a local and arrest the gang ‘What do you think the khaki movie story that says Karthi is the hero is telling.?

An incident like this really happened. The film depicts the manner in which the Hyderabad CCS police caught an international gang of thieves. The robbers were arrested after a 6-month-long decoy operation. How did the police go from Telangana to Madhya Pradesh so far? What is the procedure followed by the police in this order.? Cyberabad CP Stephen Ravindra shared these things with the media on Thursday. The full details of this decoy operation are in his own words.

‘Eleven members from Dar district in Madhya Pradesh formed a gang and committed robberies in Telangana and other states. Thefts were committed with heavy cutters, rods and screwdrivers. All of them are accused in 98 cases. A total of 68 thefts were registered against them in Cyberabad, 10 in Nizamabad, two in Karimnagar, six in Warangal, nine in Jagittala, two in Kamareddy and one in Siddipet. The Cyberabad police conducted a major decoy operation and arrested the gang, who targeted the locked house and looted the entire house before they could open their eyes, ‘said CP.

Did the operation go on ..

‘As part of the operation the police went to the place where the gang members were. Began to live there as commoners. The accused have been residing in the area for 6 months. The accused were spying in the guise of Tada tribals of Dar district. As part of this, road contract and road works workers patrolled with the locals. After so many hardships, the secret operation was finally successful. The gang was cleverly caught. We are currently looking for another mastermind, ”he told the media.

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