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(Harish Basavaraj)
The last three months have seen major changes in Indian cinema. Indian film industry is stunned to find Kamal in box office with KGF Chapter-2, RRR and Flower Cinema. But there is a perception that the success of these films is fatal to some movies.

Post-Effect Flower, RRR, and KGF Chapter-2 (KGF 2) movies of big movies have never made it to the box office. The three films have already set a South Indian cinematic record at the Hindi box office. There is no one who can listen to small movies while the crowds are gathering. This is called the Effect of Big Cinemas by cine pundits. An example of why people don’t see movies that are good are Shokhiwala and the collection of Avatar Purusha. Both these films have been praised by critics and cinema watchers alike.

Actor Kicha Sudeep also tweeted the ‘Avatar Purusha’ movie. Despite all the positives, people are not just flipping to the theater. Of course the filmmakers are happy when the report is good. But the report does not turn into tickets, the filmmakers say, four days after the film’s release.

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Not even in Tollywood
The same situation has arisen not only in Kannada but also in Telugu cinema. Any movie released after the ‘RRR’ cinema does not meet the expectations. The ‘Acharya’ cinema starring Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan Teja also failed miserably. Though the opinion of Acharya’s defeat was not good for cinema, it was a film that should have been seen as an early collection, as Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan were. But that was not the case.

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A game that does not happen in Hindi
In Bollywood, there was a feeling that people would not watch any other films except Hindi films. But even now, people are only watching KGF and RRR movies. ‘Runway 34’, starring Ajay Devgn and Amitabh Bachchan, was positive about the film but people did not come to the cinema. The ‘KGF’ Collection is not the only one. Audiences see the ‘KGF’ and come to the theater in the hope that every movie will be the same. However, not everything is ‘KGF’. Overall, the success of big cinemas has been a big hit for small cinemas. Such big movies can’t be blamed. Cinema grows from such films. And the market will get bigger. In addition to this, a sandalwood producer is saying that if people see small films, the filmmakers will be encouraged.

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