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We are here with another interview. This time it was Ayan Kapoor who will soon be appearing in color’s TV upcoming show HARPHOOL MOHINI!

Here are the questions it answers

1 Have you loved acting since childhood? If yes, who influenced you in your career as an actor?

“Yes, I have always wanted to be an actor since I was a kid. My mother influenced me to continue my acting career”.

2 What kind of person are you?

He replied, “First I’m a good person, then I’m an actor”.

3 What kind of role would you like to play in the future?

“I would love to play roles like kgf movie genres,” he said.

4 How about doing more WEB SERIES or TV Shows?

“Cinema” he said

5 What do you think is the most difficult thing about acting?

He replied, “Nothing is difficult for me because I love my job and I am passionate about it.”

6 If you weren’t an actor, who would you be now?


7 One of the industries you want to work in?

“Raja Moli and Salman Khan,” he said.

8 We recently heard that you will be appearing at the upcoming HARPHOOL MOHINI show. What would you like to say about the show?

He said, “The show is based on haryanvi boy and south indian girl. I’m playing the role of my male lead brother.”

9 Which mountains or beaches do you like the most?

“Mountains” he said

10 Let us know something you want to say to your fans.

“I say this from my heart, I love you all and continue to love me,” she replied.

We really loved talking to him. All for today. We’ll be back with another interview soon.

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