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Fuel Prices Remain Steady Know Since When Rates Are Not Increasing Of Changing

Petrol Diesel Price Today: Crude oil is again around the level of $ 113 in the international market, but today also there has been no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country. However, this month domestic gas has become costlier by Rs 50 and commercial gas by Rs 104.

Talking about the latest prices on Monday, there has been no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel from the oil companies even today. The price of a liter of petrol in Delhi is Rs 105.41 while diesel is getting Rs 96.67 per litre. The price of petrol in Mumbai is Rs 120.51 and the price of diesel is Rs 104.77 per liter.

In Kolkata, the price of a liter of petrol is Rs 115.12 while that of diesel is Rs 99.83 per litre. At the same time, petrol in Chennai is Rs 110.85 and diesel is Rs 100.94 per liter. There has been no increase in the prices of petrol and diesel in the country for a long time.

Price has not increased since so many days

Political opponents of the government alleged that the Modi government had prevented oil companies from raising prices due to the elections in five states. However, after that these prices have increased continuously once and have come to this point. After this, these prices are level for about 1 month.

On the other hand, for your information, let us tell you that on Saturday, there was a jump of Rs 50 in the price of 14.2 kg domestic gas cylinder. After this increase, the price of gas cylinder in Delhi increased to Rs 1000. Globally, the average price of oil is at the level of $ 1.33 i.e. Rs 102 per liter. However, the average price of petrol in India right now is Rs 113 per liter.

so many gas cylinders across the country

After the increase in prices, the price of 14.2 kg gas cylinder in the capital Delhi has now gone up to Rs 999.5. At the same time, the price of this cylinder in Mumbai is Rs 999.5. The price has reached Rs 1026 in Kolkata and Rs 1015.50 in Chennai. Its price in Noida has gone up to Rs 997.5. Earlier, on the first day of May, there was an increase in the price of 19 kg commercial gas cylinder.

At the same time, a jump of up to Rs 104 was registered in its price in the metros. Earlier in March, the price of domestic cylinder was increased. On March 22, the price of 14.2 kg cylinder was increased by Rs 50.

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