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Anish John Kokkan

Anish John Gokkan is an Indian actor who is well known for playing the villain in various South Indian movies like KGF Chapter 1 and KGF Chapter 2. The actor has worked in several well-known Tamil and Telugu films such as Baahubali: The Beginning. 2015) and 1: Nenokkadine (2014). John is one of the highest paid actors in the film industry. In 2007, he made his debut in the Malayalam film industry as a Jihadi leader with the film Kalabham. The actor has acted in 31 movies.


Anish John Kokkan was born on Friday 27th March 1981 (Age 41 years; Until 2022) Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. John attended Our Lady of Nazareth High School in Bayander as a child from where he completed his schooling. After finishing school, John’s passion led him to study hotel management and catering. He completed his graduation in Hotel Management from Anjuman-e-Islam College.

John Cockan as a young child

John Cockan as a young child

Physical appearance

Height: 6′ 2″

Weight (Approx): 80 kg

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Body Measurements (Approx): Chest: 44″, Waist: 34″, Biceps: 15″

John Cockan

Family & Caste

John Kokkan belonged to a Kerala Roman Catholic family.

Parents & Siblings

His father’s name was John Koken, a professor by profession.

John Kokkan, father of Anish John Kokkan

John Kokkan, father of Anish John Kokkan

His mother’s name was Theresiamma John Cockan. A nurse by profession, she was working in the Middle East.

Anish John Kokkan's mother was Terasimmia Kokkan

Anish John Kokkan’s mother is Thresiamma John Kokkan

He has a younger brother named Andersson Koken.

John Koken with his older brother Anderson Koken

John Koken with his older brother Anderson Koken

Anish John Gokan with his brothers and father

Anish John Gokan with his brothers and father

Wife & Children

His ex-wife’s name is Meera Vasudevan, who is also an actress. They got married in 2012 and separated in 2016.

Meera Vasudevan

Meera Vasudevan

His current wife’s name is Pooja Ramachandran, an actress, model and video jockey.

Pooja Ramachandran with her husband John Kokkan

Pooja Ramachandran with her husband John Kokkan

He also has a 7-year-old son, Ariha Kokan, whom John had with his first wife Meera.

John's 7-year-old son is Ariha

John’s 7-year-old son is Ariha


Before marrying Pooja Ramachandran, the two dated each other for a while.

Religion/religious scenes

Anish John Kokkan is a Roman Catholic practicing Christianity.


He resides at C/B Wing, Flat No-7, Govind Nagarbayander(W), Thane – 401101, Maharashtra.


Career before hitting the big leagues

After completing his formal education in Hotel Management and Catering, John worked in many famous hotels like ITC Maratha Sheraton and Hyatt Regency in Mumbai. John was 23 when he got his first job. Working as a receptionist at a hotel, he came into contact with many influential people as a result. Because of his tall and muscular physique, John started getting lots of offers for modeling and advertising. John decided to quit the receptionist job and started working in a well-paying call center at IBM Daksh to save more money and build a modeling portfolio that required a good amount of money.

Her modeling career

In 2005, John submitted his modeling portfolio to the famous modeling magazine Cladrax, which is known for hosting Megamodel and Manhunt contests. John was chosen as a Modeling Magazine contestant and made it to some of the finalists’ lists. After his selection in Gladrags, John started getting many offers for ramp walk modeling and also did many advertisements for many famous companies like Cadbury, Bajaj and Chungath Prince Jewellers. John went through about 1200 auditions before he landed his first commercial. In an interview, John said,

One of the things I learned while modeling in Mumbai was learning to accept rejections gracefully. I must have attended about 1200 auditions before I was selected for my first commercial.

A big ticket entry into the film industry

In 2006, John Kokkan got an opportunity to promote in South India especially in Kerala. While shooting for commercials there, he came in contact with many famous South Indian filmmakers and directors, and John got his big debut with the Malayalam film Kalabham. After the release of Kalabham, John returned to his hometown in Mumbai and continued his career in the modeling industry. In 2009, John got another chance to work with popular South Indian actor Mammootty in Love in Singapore.

John in Love in Singapore

John Kokkan in Love in Singapore

John was given the role of the villain in the film because of his tall height, which he said made him more suitable for playing villains in movies than being a ramp-walking model. John said in an interview,

As a model I was considered too big on the curve so I couldn’t do a lot of designer shows. But the same aspect worked in my favor in films as I played the bad guy in all the films and the South Indian film industry prefers tall and big villains. So here I am 6.2″ tall and a big muscular guy and they folded me. I am very grateful to the South Indian film industry for the career and fame I have today.

In 2015, John was signed for the hit film Baahubali: The Beginning. He was shown as a soldier of the Kalakeya army.

John in Baahubali The Beginning

John in Baahubali The Beginning

In 2018, John Kokkan got another chance to serve as one of the antagonists in the well-known movie KGF; Chapter 1.

John Koken in KGF Chapter 1

John Koken in KGF Chapter 1

In 2021, John Kokkan gained attention as an antagonist named Vembuli in Sarpatta Paramparai, a film revolving around the sport of boxing.

John Kokkan in Sarpatta Parambai

John Kokkan in Sarpatta Paramparai

The film’s director Pa Ranjith wanted John to be as angry as possible for the role and told John to take inspiration from former world boxing champion Mike Tyson. John said in an interview:

Director Pa Ranjith told me to take this Mike Dyson as his inspiration for playing the role of Vembuli in Charbatta Paramparai. I must look like a monster in the ring. I tried to mirror his body language, aggression and ferocity.

John played one of the three antagonists in James. The film was released on 17th March 2022 and John’s performance was filled by his fans.

John in James

John in James

Proficient in South Indian languages

John Kokan has mastered various Indian languages. Born and brought up in Maharashtra, John is rich in Marathi. He also knows English and Hindi. His mother tongue is Malayalam, in which he is very proficient. John has acquired fluency in Tamil and Telugu while working in South Indian films. John recalled in an interview.

I have always had a passion for languages, growing up in Mumbai I am fluent in Hindi, Marathi and English. Malayalam is my mother tongue so I speak it fluently. Working in South Lanka, I also picked up Tamil, Telugu and Kannada along the way.

He has worked in various South Indian language films. His notable works include Inspector General (2009), Veeram (2014), Baahubali: The Beginning (2015), Sarpatta Parambhai (2021), James (2022) and many more.

Web series

In 2019, John played a police officer in an OTT based crime-drama series called Police Diary 2.0. His wife Pooja Ramachandran was also a part of the cast. The serial was released on Zee5 OTT platform.

John in the series, Police Diaries

John in the series, Police Diaries 2.0

In 2021, Anish also acted in the web series Ramyuk by John Gokan. Based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, the series is directed by Kunal Kohli. The series is produced under the banner of R&R Films. John played the role of Indrajeet in the series. This program is made for MX Player.

Jaan as Indrajeet from Ramyuk

Jaan as Indrajeet from Ramyuk


In 2010, actor John Kokkan accused Padmakumar, the director of the film “Chikar”. Jaan claimed that the director did injustice to him during the shooting of the film as he reduced Jaan’s role in the film to one scene. When John asked the director to edit the scene, the director bluntly refused.

Car collection

Anish John Gokan owns a BMW car.

John Koken with his BMW

John Koken with his BMW


  • John Kokkan is fondly called Vembuli after his character in Sarpatha Parambai.
  • John is also a fitness enthusiast. She is an ardent supporter of yoga, and through her social media, she encourages yoga to transform our lives.
    Anish John Gokan practices yoga and lifts weights

    Anish John Gokkan doing exercise

  • John says that Sanjay Dutt is his source of inspiration as Sanjay inspires him to play villains in different movies.
    John Gokan with Sanjay Dutt

    John Gokan with Sanjay Dutt

  • John Cockan is a pet lover. He has two dogs, Optimus and Trinity.
    John with his pets Optimus and Trinity

    John with his pets Optimus (Rottweiler) and Trinity

  • John Kokkan also knows how to speak Konkani. He learned the language while living in Goa for several years.
  • He is also very interested in boxing. So, he is also learning boxing.
  • John dreams of playing the lead antagonist in the James Bond series.
  • John Kokan is a vegetarian. He is also trying to become a vegetarian.
  • John Kokkan traces his roots back to the state of Kerala.
  • John had an interest in movies from his childhood. John said in an interview,

    To be honest modeling happened by accident and acting came along with it. I used to watch a lot of movies growing up. I was very crazy about movies in any language.

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