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The ‘Karunada Chakravarti’ Shivrajkumar was never home. He is also involved in filming for 12 months of the year. Already busy with three films, she has signed a new film, which is being directed by Srini of ‘Old Monk’ fame. Srinivas made his directorial debut with ‘Topiwala’ starring ‘Real Star’ Upendra and later became a hero in ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’, ‘Birbal’ and ‘Old Monk’. Now he is once again directing a star of Sandalwood.

“When I was working on a script of a different film, producer Sandesh called me and asked me to do a movie for actor Shivrajkumar. Tell me if there is a good story. I told the story to the producers and Shivrajkumar. Immediately the two agreed. Shivanna also secured the excitement. When I put the title ‘Ghost’ for this film, I said ‘Super’. The film became okay in three days. The shooting may start in June or July, ”Srini said.

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‘I only do directing in this film. The action thriller Janner has commercial elements. There is no heroine in this. My long-awaited dream of directing Shivrajkumar has now come true. Arjun has composed the music for this film and Deepu S. Kumar manages the compilation. We will inform the rest of the technicians in the near future, ”he explained. Ghost means ghost. I mean, it might be a horror movie. ‘Ghost’ is the story of a spy thriller.

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The story told by Srini is very different. When he explained it to me it made me feel like an English cinema. It is a story about a person fighting within the system. Visual treatment will also be different. So, I accepted this cinema.
– Shivarajkumar, actor

I grew up watching Shivrajkumar’s films from an early age. Now I am directing their cinema. This is the biggest thing for me. This is going to be a wonderful movie that their fans will love.
-Shrini, Director

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