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‘Hatrick Hero’ Shivraj Kumar has kept Kaitumba Cinemas ever since he started his film career at Sandalwood. After 2-3 months, they fill 60 years. Yet directors and producers keep in touch with them for their call sheet. Shivanna often announces new movies. Shivanna has said that he will be making new films with Sandesh Productions. Here is another cinema announcement right from that banner. This time Shivrajkumar is directing actor / director Srini!

Along with Guru Dutt, the new movie is Anoush
Sandesh Nagaraj, son of Sandesh Nagaraj Shivarajkumar’s film to be produced The news that Gurudat will direct is officially heard. But there is currently no information on that. Now Sivarajkumar is the director of another movie OK under the same banner and Srini is the director. The issue was officially announced by the producers on Friday. The film is titled as ‘Ghost’. It is yet to be revealed who will be starring in this film with different storylines. Now it is rumored that Arjun will be giving birth to music.

Topiwala to Ghost
Srini was formerly an RJ. Upendra later became the director of acting ‘Topiwala’. Srinivas, who pointed out from the first film, later directed ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’, ‘Birbal’ and ‘Old Monk’ starring himself as the hero. Some of the cinematic models are unique. It included suspense thriller elements along with ‘Beerble’ comedy. Now he has a chance to direct Shivrajkumar. He also wrote the story for the film. Since there is a ‘Ghost’ in the title, many are skeptical that this could be a horror thriller.

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How many movies in Shivanna’s hands?
Last year, Shivrajkumar starrer ‘Bajrangi 2’ premiered. If you are ready for the release of ‘Biragi’, there is a stage shooting of ‘Nee Sigo’. Shivanna Sakhat Busi is currently working on ‘Veda’ cinema. Rishabh Shetty, then a movie, ‘Mammy’ with Lohit, ‘Satyamangala’, has just been accepted. New movie directed by Jai. Shivanna has accepted many films like Prabhu Deva’s film directed by Yogaraj Bhatt. Shivanna keeps hearing many stories. Shivanna had once said about the line-up opportunities. ‘I have to be lucky in all things, including cinema and fans. This is why so many years of movies with different characters come to me. I thank all of you. My directors, producers, fans and my family are all very supportive, ”Shivanna said.

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