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‘Danakkaran’ is a Tamil film directed by Vikram Prabhu. Tamil, who was intimidated as a villain in Surya’s ‘Jai Beam’, has incarnated as a director in this film. Disney Plus Hotstar was released on the ODT site at 12 midnight yesterday.

This film is based on a real incident that took place during a police training in 1997. Due to his work as Vetrimaran’s assistant, Vetrimaran has given a touch of Tamil in the film ‘Danakkaran’ in many places.

The film tells the story of how a young man becomes a policeman despite police training, parade events, various problems, setbacks and struggles. Lal has become the original cop in the character of Eeswara Murthy as the leader of a team at the Police Training Center. MS Bhaskar also plays the leader of another team.

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Tamil is telling us what is going on in the police training center and how everything is being given rigorous training. Tamil moved the story with a variety of twists in the first half and roughly moved the screenplay in the second half.

Vikram Prabhu has athletically done the role given to him. The film’s success has been bolstered by a number of nasty verses, such as ‘150 years have passed without a shirt on the law department.’ ‘Danakkaran’ has achieved success in a way that visualizes the many tragedies that take place in police training.

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