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The story of Tanuja Cinema based on the real incident is the latest news that the former CM Yeddyurappa has recently made news across the country. Now, Minister Dr K Sudhakar has acted in the film and has officially entered the Sandalwood courtyard.

Cinema based on real incident reporting
In the past, when the daughters of Tanuja had not written the test in Kovid and asked for help, the then Chief Ministers BS Yeddyurapp, Minister Dr K Sudhakar, Senior Journalist Vishweshwar Bhat and Pradeep Eshwar took the medical seat and made the report a reality. The film was also titled Tanuja Movie.

BS to Sandalwood Yeddyurappa; Former CM who painted for the first time

BSY side shooting Complete in a single take
Former Chief Minister Yediyurappa (BS Yediyurappa) also played a role in the film. Dr K Sudhakar, who is now the Minister, has also painted his role today. The veteran artistes have done justice to their role and performed brilliantly, dubbed themselves the role, and the filmmakers are delighted to have finished shooting their part in a single talkie.

B.S. ‘Tanuja’ by Yeddyurappa Cinema First Look Release! This article is the inspiration for the article!

Shooting near Shimoga
The film is directed by state award winner Harish MD village and funded by Beyond Visions Cinemas. The film has been shot around Shimoga and elsewhere in Bangalore.

Who is in the galaxy?
Starring Rajesh Nataranga, Sapta Paoor of Kasargod fame, former chief minister BS Yeddyurappa, health minister Dr K Sudhakar, senior journalist Vishweshwara Bhat, Sandhya Arakere, Kailash, child actress Baby Sri Mohini and Mohanlal. Photography by L Rangakahali, compiled by Umesh RB and produced by R. Chandrasekhar Prasad and JM Prahlad dialogue, Raghunandan SK executive producer, Satish Brammavar.

Woman should be allowed on all fronts: Sudhakar!

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