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Jhol, a romance drama from Primeshots, premiered on February 5th. Ayesha Kapoor, Mandy Bhullar, Ekta More, and Sarv Maqaudpuri are among the Jhol Web Series Cast. Primeshots, like Ullu, is noted for its daring sequences in its web series. Ayesha Kapoor creates a commotion in several of the daring situations in Jhol Primeshots.

Primeshots, like Ullu, publishes its web series on its own official site. To watch Jhol, you must first subscribe to Primeshots, and only then will you be able to view this web series online. Not only that, but you can also download and view this online series in HD print at a later time. But, as we’ve already stated, you’ll need to find some alone time to watch this web series because you won’t be able to watch it with your family.

Jhol Web Series Cast Name

Name Jhol
Type Web Series
Genre Erotic, Drama
OTT Platform Primeshots
Release Date 5 February, 2022
Cast Ayesha Kapoor, Mandy Bhullar, Ekta More, और Sarv Maqaudpuri
Country India

Ayesha Kapoor, who previously appeared in Primeshots Siyapa, will reprise her role in this online series. You will meet many more faces in the shape of Jhol Web Series Cast, including the following:-

Not just Ayesh Kapoor, but also Ekta More will be seen pushing the boundaries of bravery in this online series.

Warning: This article contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen this web series and you’re one of those people who doesn’t want to know the backstory before viewing a web series, this one is for you. As a result, you should avoid watching the trailer. Because the whole first episode’s narrative has already been presented in the trailer.

Jhol Web Series Review

You will witness the same plot as in the trailer in the first episode of this web series. A boy is presented in this film who is having a love affair. One day, he was on the phone with his girlfriend, Maya. Ekta More has been cast in the role. Who is betraying her behind her husband’s back, but the irony is that the boy is completely unaware of her marriage.

Maya, on the other hand, informs her husband that she is chatting to a friend once more. When the boy learns this, he flees to his sister Priya. Who begins to assist her brother in his deception, only to discover that Maya is already married. Regardless, the boy continues to have an affair with Maya.

The web series’ next surprise occurs when Priya and Maya’s husband Praveen develop feelings for them other. The part of Priya will be played by Ayesha Kapoor.

Jhol Web Series Watch Online

Primeshots’ Platform frequently hosts Web Series in this genre. However, as we all know, Ullu, directed by Ekta Kapoor, is also competing in this category. In a month, Ullu produces more web series than Primeshots. As a result, Primeshots is lagging behind Ullu.

Ayesha Kapoor is a well-known figure in the world of Local Ott, and she is well known for her role in Primeshots, a web series. She had previously appeared in Primeshots Siyapa. Simran Khan was also spotted with him. Not only that, but Mandy Bhullar, who appeared in the Jhol Web Series, has also appeared in Primeshots Siyapa with Ayesha Kapoor.

Jhole Primeshots Episode 2 – The second episode of this web series will not be released until February 12th. After that, with a Primeshots membership, you may view the second episode of this web series.

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