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Medicinal benefits of small onions

This is the information of Small onion uses sambar onion Values benefits medicinal uses and Properties Small onion uses. Onions are not only important cooking ingredients; they are great medicines for many diseases. There are tow types of onion available in India. One is big in size and the other one is called small onion or sambar onion which has excellent medicinal values. Egypt is called the country of Onion because the people of Egypt used onions more in their cooking.Raw onion benefits: In old age and even our villagers eat raw onion in the form of raw onion chutney or with curd or ragi kanji. Raw onion is rich in C vitamin.

Onion for weight loss: Onion can reduce the excess fat accumulated in our body. Fat people can take onion soup for weight loss daily one time(100ml). The alternative for soup is onion juice for weight loss, here you can add little honey for taste. Onion juice fat loss effect can be known by siddha and ayurveda medicines.   
Onion for high blood pressure : Boiled onion and Garlic (each 3) can reduce BP. onion for high blood pressure medicine can be take in the form of onion and Garlic juice or soup.

Onion for blood sugar onion for diabetes: The mineral chromium can improve the production of insulation. Onion is the riches source of chromium.
Onion Juice for cancer: onion is rich in sulphur. Sulphur has the ability to prevent our body from Cancer.  Onion for cough and Cold: Onion juice with honey is given for cough and cold both for children and adult.
Onion for insect bites: one of the best emergency medicines for insect bites is onion. Crush onion and apply one the bite of bees, wasps etc.

Onion for JaundicePathiya sappadu for jaundice patients in nattu maruthuvam is curd rice with small onion with out salt or oil.
Onion for kidney stone: In siddha medicine onion is given to treat kidney stome problem.
Onion for piles: More fibre vegetables mixed with equal quantity of fried onion can be taken as piles diet.Onion for toothache: Chewing onion Onion for toothache relief is the best home made remedy.

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