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Health facts about veg and non-veg protein

MILK Mother’s milk is enough. After that milk digesting enzymes are not produces in the human body. It is not our food. It is produced by the cow for its calf. We are stealing its food for its selfishness. Atleast mothers should realize what a great sin it is. Moreover milk is said to have calcium and protein by the allopathy doctors. But cow obtains it from eating raw grass and vegetables. We can also eat in the same manner to obtain the said nutrition. Cold, cough,easnophilia , Wheezing and asthma gets reduced by stopping milk and milk products.
The same explanation stands for egg also. Egg is produced by the hen for its reproduction and not for us. Eating egg is aborting life in its foetus stage itself. It is equivalent to abortion.
I leave it to the readers to decide whether milk and egg are veg or non-veg.

There are lot of differences between plant and animal protein.
Animal protein spoils a man. Any animal protein be it – egg or flesh or bones or milk or milk products is not suitable for man. Man’s digestive system and its secretions is not formed suitably to digest these animal proteins.  They entirely vary from carnivorous and omnivorous.  Man is frugivorous. ie fruits and nuts is the diet of the man.  Animal protein not only create disease by easy fermentation in the alimentary system but also affects the mind very much.  This is the reason why the flesh eating people are quick to anger.  This tendency destructs the super powers of the brain and reduce its alertness. If a man avoid all flesh and dairy products he will be relieved from 50% of his diseases. Even carnivorous animals eat raw flesh only.  Man is the only one who eats roasted DEAD BODIES.

When we take natural food or come into contact with natural forces like rain, sun, pure water etc. Elimination of toxins which is accumulated in our body due to taking cooked food, bad habits etc begins to take place.  That is why we have cold and cough while taking fruits headache while going in the sun fever while going in the rain etc.

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